Actuarial statistics

Actuarial statistics is an area of actuarial science that uses your statistical and analytical skills to solve business problems. Actuarial Statistics aims to strengthen your data visualization and analysis capabilities to help you sort an issue faster. This involves equipping the students with knowledge of statistical distributions, methods to summarize data, the principles of statistical inference, and regression models.

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Course: CS1
Faculty: Mr. Puneet Goyal

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Course Structure

Why CS1 from The Academic Junction??

  • Experienced corporate faculties with 13-14 exams cleared to make you understand the application of knowledge contained in the subject.
  • Classes available in all 3 modes- Classroom, Live Online and Videos.
  • Multiple small batches to focus on personal interaction and development.
  • Regular Assessments and feedback sharing to discuss your improvement areas.
  • Detailed Study plan, Chapter Wise Important Topics Detailed description- main highlights.
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  • Regular doubt classes to help you learn technical skills and clear your conceptual knowledge.
  • Regular contacts with companies and start-ups so as to share your resume and prepare you accordingly for interviews.
  • In Depth training of programming language R to prepare for online exam.
  • Experienced corporate faculty working as Python developer in leading MNC for R.
  • Self designed coding notes by faculty to make learning easy for you. Get access to quick notes with detailed R coding, methods and formulae in hard copy.
  • Software Installation and R reference material book as complementary.

    CS1 Course Content by Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, IFOA

    Actuarial Statistics (CS1) provides a grounding in mathematical and statistical methods that are of relevance for actuarial work. It equips the student with knowledge of statistical distributions, methods to summarise data, the principles of statistical inference, regression models (including generalised linear models) and the fundamental concepts of Bayesian statistics. The subject includes both theory and application of the ideas using R.

    Exam format:

    CS1A is 3 hours and 15 minutes exam, CS1B is 1 hour and 45 minutes computer-based exam, R. Scientific Calculator is allowed in exam. However, you can use only one of the models from the list below. This can also be used for future exams.
    1. Casio FX82 (ES/MS) (with or without any suffix)
    2. Casio FX83 (ES/MS) (with or without any suffix)
    3. Casio FX85 (ES/MS) (with or without any suffix)
    4. Sharp EL531 (with or without any prefix or suffix)
    5. Texas Instruments BA II Plus (with or without any suffix)
    6. Texas Instruments TI-30 (with or without any suffix)
    7. Hewlett Packard HP12c (with or without any suffix)


    1 Random variables and distributions (20%)
    2 Data analysis (15%)
    3 Statistical inference (20%)
    4 Regression theory and applications (30%)
    5 Bayesian statistics (15%)

    In the CS subjects, the approximate split of assessment across the three skill types is 20% Knowledge, 65% Application and 15% Higher Order skills.

    About Faculty

    Mr. Puneet Goyal
    He comes with a sole aim of providing students with plethora of information with his management skills and innovative teaching style.
    He does not believe in books but instead on knowledge and focuses students to go for learning and understanding concepts rather than mugging them.

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