CS1 Orientation Session
Stats Refresher
CS1B Exam Analysis Session
Intro to R

CS1 | Actuarial Statistics | Playlist

CS2 Orientation Session
CS2 Reinsurance_Ch18

CS2 | Risk Modelling and Survival Analysis | Playlist

CM1 Orientation Session
CM1B Past Papers Discussion

CM1 | Actuarial Mathematics | Playlist

CM2 Orientation Session
CM2 Ch1 Discussion
CM2 Ch3 Discussion

CM2 | Financial Engineering and Loss Reserving | Playlist

CB1 Orientation Session
CB1 Ch4 Discussion
CB1 Exam Analysis Session

CB1 | Business Finance | By Silky Goyal | Playlist

CB2 Orientation Session
CB2 Ch3 Discussion
CB2 Ch 5 and 6 Discussion

CB2 | Business Economics | Playlist

CP1 Orientation Session
CP1 Ch 8-10 Discussion
CP1 Exam Analysis Session

CP1 | Actuarial Practice | Playlist

CP2 | Modelling Practice | Playlist

CP3 Exam Analysis Session

CP3 | Communications Practice | Playlist

ACET Orientation Session
Stats Refresher

SP2 | Life Insurance | Playlist

SP5 | Investment and Finance | Playlist

SP1 | By Silky Goyal | The Academic Junction | Playlist