This subject test knowledge of the presentation of specific topics to a non-technical audience.
CP3 is to be assessed in 3 hours and 20 mins exams.

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Course: CP3
Faculty: Mrs. Silky Goyal

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    About Faculty

    Mrs. Silky Goyal
    She is coming straight from the industry and now at a place where her heart lies.
    Visionary on the path of becoming an actuary laid the foundation of The Academic Junction.
    Corporate Experience combined with on job training helps her to combine real life experiences with theoretical concepts which turns theory subjects into practical and more interesting.
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    CP3 Content Lectures

    1. CP3 Introduction
    2. CP3 Quick Orientation Session
    3. Cp3 March 2021 Exam Analysis Session
    4. CP3 Glimpses of Past Papers
    5. CP3 IAI Sept 2021 Paper Discussion
    6. CP3 UT1-2 Feedback Discussion
    7. CP3 Glimpses of Past Papers
    8. CP3 UT3-4 Feedback Discussion
    9. CP3 Nov 2020 Paper Discussion
    10. CP3 IFOA General Discussion
    11. CP3 Detailed Session April and May 2023
    12. CP3 Live April and May 2023
    13. CP3 April 2023 Exam Analysis

    CP3 Docs

    1. CP3 Exam Tips
    2. CP3 Past Paper Tips
    3. CP3_Formats

    Old Lectures

    1. Cp3 Quicktips And Tricks Part 1
    2. Cp3 Quicktips And Tricks Part 2
    3. Cp3 Quicktips And Tricks Part 3
    4. Cp3 Quicktips And Tricks Part 4