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IFOA Latest Updates for April 2024


IFOA is aiming to provide more contemporary, digital methods of assessment, which you have expressed as being significant.

In order to improve our online examination service, They are implementing a new exam system as part of this and creating objective-based assessments (OBAs).

New Exam System Support and resources

In the upcoming months, we will be releasing a variety of materials to help you and give you time to become acquainted with the new exam methodology well before April 2024.

Additionally, we will release study materials to assist you in getting ready for our CB1 and CB2 topics’ OBA format tests.

Familiarisation exams

 You can practice using our new test system prior to your exam by taking familiarization exams. Exams designed to familiarize you with the new test system will allow you to practice utilizing its features and tools.

We have published 3 familiarisation exams to support you: 

  • CB1 OBA familiarisation exam 
  • CB2 OBA familiarisation exam 
  • Essay-style familiarisation exam

Objective Based Assessments

We express our gratitude to all those who took our Objective Based Assessments (OBAs) in business economics and finance. We have improved the design and ensured the caliber of this new evaluation method based on your input and exam results.

In April 2024, we plan to introduce our new exam system and provide our new business finance and business economics OBAs on the new platform. We will continue to use our present exam platform and format for our September 2023 exams.

Objective based assessment: Study Tips

You might need to prepare differently for an objective-based assessment (OBA) than you do for the existing written test papers at the IFoA.

In order to help you master the subject and rise to the challenge of taking an OBA, we’ve put together some pointers and advice.

Why change study preparations for OBA?

Many of the IFoA test questions span several sections from the syllabus and can be answered in the form of an essay.

With OBAs, each question evaluates a narrow subset of the syllabus, and a set of questions works together to guarantee that the entire topic is covered. For this reason, an OBA has a lot more questions, and in order to pass, your responses must be entirely accurate.

Examiners may pose questions across the entire syllabus, and you will be required to use your knowledge in a variety of contexts. We recommend that you review the IFoA core reading and any related materials in order to be ready for an OBA exam. Don’t just rely on previous exams.

Where to start

To start getting ready for your studies, please read the following:

syllabus: what you should know for the test; required readings, including textbooks; sources of questions from examiners

The breadth and depth of knowledge required for each topic is outlined in the core reading.

IFOA New Updates for April 2024 Planner by Silky Goyal

April 2024 Exams

Please note that we reserve the right to make changes to these dates.

Exam dates

Monday 8 April Tuesday 9 April Wednesday 10 April Thursday 11 April Friday 12 April

CP2 paper 1



CP2 paper 2

Eid al Fitr / End of Ramadan CS1A

CP1 paper 1


CP1 paper 2

Monday 15 April Tuesday 16 April Wednesday 17 April Thursday 18 April Friday 19 April














Monday 22 April Tuesday 23 April Wednesday 24 April Thursday 25 April Friday 26 April




Passover Passover  Anzac Day Reserve date: see 

Reserve exam dates

We have scheduled reserve exam dates if, in exceptional circumstances, we are unable to run an exam on the new exam system on the scheduled day. These are: 

  • Friday 26 April: CP1 paper 1
  • Monday 29 April: CP1 paper 2
  • Tuesday 30 April: SP2, SP4, SP8
  • Wednesday 1 May: SA1, SA2, SA3, SA4, SA7 
  • Thursday 2 May: SP6, SP9, CB2
  • Friday 3 May: CB1, SP1, SP5, SP7

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