Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science Syllabus

Actuarial Science Syllabus

Actuarial Science Syllabus

For any student who wishes to be an actuary, it is important that they know the actuarial syllabus. There are several advantages to knowing the actuarial science syllabus beforehand. It will help you see if this field is what you wish to pursue. It will also give you clarity on the topics you are about to learn on the way. 

But before we see the Actuarial Syllabus let’s have a briefing about the course itself.

Detailed Actuarial Science Syllabus

After checking out the important course details, it’s time you browse through the actuarial syllabus.  It revolves around 5 major subjects: English, Mathematics, Statistics, Logic and Data Interpretation. The Actuarial Science syllabus is divided into 4 stages: Core Technical, Core Application, Specialist Technical, and Specialist Application.

The  Actuarial Science Syllabus that is certified by Institutes of Actuaries of India (IAI) is mentioned below:

CS1 Actuarial Statistics
CS2 Risk Modelling and Survival Analysis
CM1 Actuarial Mathematics
CM2 Financial Engineering and Loss Reserving
CB1 Business Finance
CB2 Business Economics
CB3 Business Awareness
CP1 Actuarial Practice
CP2 Modelling Practice
CP3 Communications Practice
SP1 Health and Care
SP2 Life Insurance 
SP4 Pension and Other Benefits
SP5 Investment and Finance
SP6 Financial Derivatives
SP7 General Insurance Reserving and Capital Modelling
SP8 General Insurance – Pricing
SA1 Health and Care
SA2 Life Insurance
SA3 General Insurance
SA4 Pension and Other Benefits
SA7 Investment and Finance

Actuarial Science Exam Pattern

Now that you are already familiar with the Actuarial Science Syllabus, let’s get a glimpse of the exam pattern. The below table will give you key details of the actuarial science exam pattern.

Particulars Details
Duration of Exam 3 hours
Sections 2
Questions 45 questions (1 marks)

20 questions (2 marks)

5 questions (3 marks)


This article was written to guide you through the Actuarial Science Syllabus. Hope you got all that you were looking for.

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