CS1 equips the students with knowledge of principles of statistical techniques using R programming.
This will be examined in a set of 2 papers. CS1A is 3 hours and 15 mins paper and CS1B is 1 hour 45 minutes exam and tests R programming along with statistics. Both elements need to be taken at the same examination sitting. Failure to reach the overall pass mark will require both elements of assessment to be retaken.

CB1 equips the students with knowledge of corporate finance, financial statements and different company structures.
It is 3 hours and 15 mins based assessment.

CS1 + CB1


Course: CS1 + CB1
Faculties: Mr. Puneet Goyal and Mrs. Silky Goyal
If you opt for combo
You will get 2 years validity for all the subjects instead of regular one year validity

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About Faculties

Mr. Puneet Goyal
Puneet Goyal comes with a sole aim of providing students with plethora of information with his management skills and innovative teaching style.
He does not believe in books but instead on knowledge and focuses students to go for learning and understanding concepts rather than mugging them.

Mrs. Silky Goyal
Silky Goyal is coming straight from the industry and now at a place where her heart lies.
Visionary on the path of becoming an actuary laid the foundation of The Academic Junction.
Corporate Experience combined with on job training helps her to combine real life experiences with theoretical concepts which turns theory subjects into practical and more interesting.